Things to know when you play a new MMORPG.

There are a lot of people who start playing a new game, they will play immediately without knowing everything around them, although there is a straightforward button for new players. Of course, they will still experience the game well, but if you look at the “pro” aspect, they certainly will not be like those who spend time learning about the game that they are playing. In today’s article, I will introduce you to some things that you should pay attention when playing an MMORPG without knowing anything about it.


1. Learn about item types

The items of each game are different, and in MMORPGs the numbers are never small. Pre-reading these types will help you save time reading and research, which you can search in groups or forums, more specifically the game’s Wiki system. But if the game is not fully released then Wiki will be missing, so it is best to find out in advance Close Beta.

Researching items will tell you how to use them appropriately, how rare this item is, how to use it and how to find it. … Knowing that information you will avoid “selling rare items that do not know” while playing in the official launch.

2. Learn about character classes and build guides

Games developed recently will give players a lot of choices, not constrained in the character building. So the class you choose is not necessarily the default, but you can add spice to the special class that is more suited to your style of play.

A class can have multiple builds by adding different points, combined with indexes from equipment and other systems such as gems or pet. As Assassin does not have to build on crit and damage, you can go pure evade, for instance, or combine both to make the most of balance. But such experiments will consume your resources, if the game does not provide reset tools or items with similar effects, so you should research ahead of time. Then you will be free to build characters, or can refer to the forum and learn from the previous experience.


3. Research on the game’s unique system

Depending on the game, there will be a central system, which is a feature that developers want to bring to you. This system can be a pet system, gem system, skill tree and other things. It’s the core of the game that you play, researching this system will help you a lot. Understand it, you will know how to invest and find the right direction as well as you will spend less resources than others.

These systems usually have a lot of things but most will be easy to understand, so you probably do not need to do a deep study, just understand the theory. If you want to be sure, you can experiment with the Close Beta or Open Beta – or from other players.


4. Effective training

Level training is an essential and of course everyone who plays MMORPGs knows that, but the most effective way is not sure. If you follow the quest path to level up or destroy the monster dungeon, it will be quite long, or games designed the classic plow level so that of course does not change anything.

But today’s games have a lot of other ways to training levels, maybe in the form of daily events or monthly events, or a special daily task that gives you a lot of experience. First, you should play the game early in the Closed Beta, then you will gain experience from yourself or learn from others on the group and forum.

Train levels will often include a selection of quests to choose from, monster locations, special times, or events to maximize the amount of experience you receive. If the game is well designed then you may not need to play continuously but still have the experience to level up.

5. Ways to make money

Money (in game) is extremely important in any game, not just MMORPG. With money, you can buy and trade items, materials, resources… But to get enough money to do the above, the money from the task is not enough, so you have to earn money from many other “ways”.

Each game will have its own monetization mechanism, like some games to combat inflation, the amount of money that the system gives players will depend on small tasks. Small tasks do not give you too much money, but you can do a lot of different tasks, slowly adding up the amount of money you need. Some games have their own money making system, which usually takes time, not hard. The most common example is “NPC Quest” – a type of quest that runs from A to B and then returns the quest to C, then get money.

There are also other games that create other paths for the player to make money, such as the market system – personal stalls to make money, in particular the sale of materials in the game. The more rare or higher the material, the more expensive it is. Or if you are a lucky person, you can choose to craft equipment and sell it, which is probably the fastest way to get rich without having to spend a lot of money – as long as you “lucky” you will definitely make a profit.


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