The ways to ‘making money’ you should know when playing MMORPG

With MMORPGs, ‘making money‘ is one of the indispensable activities to increase the number of players as well as the online time of players. However, to ‘making money’ in the game is like making money in real life, not easy for players to experience less and never tried. In addition to ‘making money’ in MMORPGs, transactional and commercial features are indispensable for trading-business. So those MMORPGs that do not have transactional or commercial features, let’s ignore the concept of ‘make money’. Here are tips that I have learned after many years of gaming.

1. Participate in tasks and activities

In most MMORPGs, the quest system offers a large amount of experience to increase the level and a certain amount of money for the player to maintain the character in the experience. However, many developers have realized that the amount of money the player receives through the mission system is too large, so the money earned through this will automatically lock (you can still use to buy items in the Shop, but cannot trade with others).
Since then, the concept of money lock and money was not born, eliminating the simplest way to get rich in MMORPGs. However, with the money lock, players can still use it to enhance their equipment, buy essential items and items of low value in the store, or upgrade their character’s skills to some games.
In addition to the basic mission system that follows the storyline of the game, many MMORPGs add daily quests and events. In this new mission system, players can earn money (unlocked), unlocked equipment and a lot of valuable items to help players get rich. However, these tasks and events attract a lot of participants, and if you want to get rich quick, or reach a superior strength of the opponent then you have to work hard and have a little luck.

2. Learning Job, make equipment

With pure MMORPGs, cannot lack the Job feature and make equipment, if a product is not available, it is the developer’s intention not to feed your character in the game, and they want you to pay in their game.
The job systems of MMORPGs may not be the same in appearance and name, but each has a common feature that requires the player to learn one or more Jobs for the character, and develop the character level associated with the Job level. At each Job level, players can use their abilities to make equipment, drugs, ingredients … things are made possible to deal with other players to receive money.
A small note in the job system is not that you are going to earn money immediately. With traditional MMORPGs, the Job system is considered the key to earning money from players, and so a player can create a lot of accounts to learn all Jobs. There are also a few MMORPGs that do not allow players to learn the skill at low levels or the character must be qualified to learn the Job.

3. Hunt Boss

Perhaps boss hunting is one of the highlights of traditional MMORPGs. In order to hunt down the Boss, the player’s character has reached a certain level of power, combined with the community elements in each game, such as the guild or clan.
The boss hunting system of MMORPGs is almost the same, both from the way and the reward. Players will be able to watch the boss appear in hours, days or weeks. At these times, the more rare the boss, the more participants hunt. And since then, boss hunting is not just an activity to show the power of the game, but it is also the main source of income for many guilds and clans in any MMORPG.
In addition to the popular boss system in MMORPGs, the mini-boss system or the bosses in the quests are also chosen by many players to ‘make money’. For example, if a game has a mini-boss event at the end of a week, the player must team up and hunt the boss for a specific mission. At this point you will no longer have to plunder with other enemies, but you will have to gain enough power to kill the boss and reward system will also devalue more than the normal Boss system.

4. Sell items – Trading with other players

Combining the three forms above and using the valuable items sold to the people who need it is called the MMORPG trading form and this is the way most players use it. Traders often watch the world channel for hours to know who needs something to sell, who needs something to buy and enjoy the difference in the middle.
With trading, the rate of money in the game and real money from the player is one of the factors that influence the decision of the player. If an item can hunt for a short period of time, but its value is low it is difficult to make a profit. For this reason, if MMORPGs sell too many valuable items in a cash shop at low cost, it is very difficult for players to sell items they find.
Generally speaking, the trading system in MMORPGs is usually quite similar, but there is a lot of interest from the players depending on how the game operates. If the value of the equipment received from the boss hunt is reduced, anyone can earn if invested time, then no one would want to buy.

5. Train level, sell account

Most traditional MMORPGs take the level as a gauge of strength for all players (second is the character’s equipment system). In these games, when you reach a certain level you will only learn the necessary skill and use equipment of the same level.
Knowing this influence on the characters in the game, as well as the majority of players do not have much time online, and even the auto system has appeared for ages, the players with the purpose of training level for the others have appeared. They are ready to train level for you at cheap rates, suitable for money. They are also ready to create new accounts, train to high levels and sell them to other players.
In this way of earning money, players must have a lot of time and experience. Most of these players have a main account with a high level, and a group of 3-4 people to be able to fight the train yards, and destroy the monster quickly to help the sub accounts level up quickly.

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