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 Crystal of Re Union is a very interesting (real-time) strategy game developed by gumi inc. In particular, the game just released recently and you can completely download this free game on the Appstore and Google Play.

In the Crystal of Re Union, you will build your own kingdom; you will find ways to develop your kingdom into a mighty one. As soon as you enter the game, you will name your kingdom, and you will also be selected a hero to lead your entire army.

It’s clear that everyone wants to be the world’s only reigning Crystal of Re Union. Everyone wants their Hero to be the strongest Hero. So, in today’s article, I will give you tips, tricks, and the most important things in the Crystal of Re Union and I assure you that these will help you so much on the way to becoming the king of the world Crystal of Re Union.

1. Overview of the Crystal of Re Union

First of all, we will go from the outside, which is a general view of the Crystal of Re Union game. The game was developed by Japanese designers and has an impressive “Chibi” graphic style. From the heroes, costumes, weapons, monsters, buildings, castles, terrains, maps … all combine to form a mysterious world with magical elements inside it.

In addition, with a handy vertical screen interface designed for mobile players, the gumi did well and grabbed the hearts of the gamers. With buttons located in easy-to-reach locations, it’s easy for you to take action while playing the game, as well as for easy control of the game, all very simple and handy.

Finally, we have to mention the effects that games bring. It is recognized that games from Japan are very sophisticated in terms of visuals and effects. You will be surprised by the effects in the Crystal of Re Union, which is made like real-life effects. And if you open the sound when playing games, you will realize that is a very important piece of the game. The dubbed character “Japanese”, the sound characteristic and true will make you as living in the world of Crystal of Re Union.

2. Buildings, architecture in Crystal of Re Union

As I mentioned above, this is a real time strategy game, and your main job is to build and develop your kingdom. Therefore, buildings and architecture are extremely important. Although in the Tutorial section of the game will guide you about the basic building, so you can start the game easily. However, this is not enough.

You need to know that each building or architecture in the game has its own unique and important effects. No building or architecture is “redundant” in the Crystal of Re Union. But the most important architecture is Castle. You need to raise the level of Castle to be able to raise the level of other buildings, as they can – not exceed the level of Castle.

For the military system, you need to build military buildings and they will be the place to train troops for you. There are many types of troops in the Crystal of Re Union for you to choose from. Either you will focus on one or two types of troops, or you will develop all the troops (which, of course, will take up a lot of resources and time). You should also keep in mind the limit on the number of troops you can create, and this is influenced by another architecture, the “Research” building.

In the Research building, you will have 6 functions to upgrade including Resources, Kingdom, Military, Hero, Defense and Defense II. These functions will have different effects and this is also the difference of all players in the Crystal of Re Union.

You will use your troops to fight or harvest resources outside the kingdom. And Castle Wall will be the place for you to create your kingdom’s defense system. In addition, we will have Hero. This is a very unique feature in the game and I think you should invest a lot on the Hero. Each time your hero level increases, your battle power increases very fast. Pay attention to the Aura and craft the most powerful weapons and equipment for your hero.

We also have the architecture of resource production. There are 5 types of resources in the Crystal of Re Union, which are timber, stones, ore, food and magic shards. Each type will have its own effects, but you will need a lot of resources when your castle reaches level 10 or higher. Build these architectures quickly and upgrade them as soon as you can. There are a number of players in the Crystal of Re Union saying that build four architectures for each resource. But in my opinion, let’s build 3 structures for timber, 4 for stones, 4 for ore and the rest for all food. Magic shards are special resources, it’s built inside the Kingdom, and I think 6 architectures for magic shards are fine. I only have one note that, the soldier will consume your food. When you have more soldiers, you will be consuming more food. So balance these two issues.


3. Attack other players – Take advantage of other players’ resources

If you are playing a fun game, you love peace, and then you skip this tip of mine. Because this is a tip about battles, but it’s really important and necessary. In the Crystal of Re Union, you will be able to attack anything from monsters, gathering resources, player’s kingdoms within 200m (units of distance in the Crystal of Re Union). With attacking other players, if you win you will have resources in their kingdom; depending on the object you are attacking has many resources or less resources. In any battle, there are also losses. You will probably have to spend a certain amount of troops when you attack other players.

The game also has a “Recon” system that allows you to probe and know information about opponents such as the number of soldiers in the kingdom, information about resources …

When you win a battle, you will have the chance to capture the enemy hero as a prisoner. The larger the number of prisoners, the stronger your troops will be. You can also drop prisoners back to their kingdom if you are a “good person”. You should also note that when attacking other players, they will also know your location. So you need to think carefully before attacking someone.

4. Cards Monster System – Cards System in Crystal of Re Union

Monsters in the Crystal of Re Union are very diverse and they have many different types. You can only use the Hero to fight them and you can – not use your troops to do this. Each monster type will have an aura index. When your hero has more aura or equal to the aura of the monster, then your Hero can attack them. That’s why I say that aura is a very important indicator and you should pay attention to it.

When monster hit, you will have EXP (for leveling up your Hero), items dropping from monsters (for crafting or upgrading equipment for Heroes), resources and especially cards. Each monster will have a card symbolizing it. These cards are used to add equipment. Each card will have different effects. So you need to see what type of monster cards are suitable for your strategy.

In the Crystal of Re Union, monsters will appear each day, there will be different types of monsters every day. There are also items that can be summoned directly to the monster. When using these items, I recommend you summon monsters right around your kingdom to save time.

5. Alliance System in Crystal of Re Union

I have never seen a strategy game that builds a great Alliance system like the Crystal of Re Union. Although it is a tactical game, this system is very important and it ties people together very closely. When you are attacked, the Alliance will have a Rally function so that other members can join you to get revenge.

But that is not the most important thing, which I would like to emphasize here is “Treasure Alliance”. Once you defeat the monster, a treasure will appear in Alliance for all Alliance members. These treasure alliances can open a wide range of items from resources, items to reduce the build time, EXP for hero, items to craft and even you can open cards from these treasures. And if you get a strong Alliance, every day you can get a few hundred treasures.

In addition, owning an Alliance will help you avoid being watched and attacked by others. If you are lonely, you will be the target for others to attack.

6. Chat – Email System in Crystal of Re Union

The chat system in Crystal of Re Union is simple and easy to see. There are 2 chat tables, one for all players in the server and the other for Alliance players. Through this feature, you can learn and exchange more information with other players, have more new friends and valuable experience.

Email systems allow you to send messages directly to a certain player, even if you and that player have never been friends, not the same alliance. This system makes it easy to connect with someone in a private environment.

7. Stories of Heroes in Crystal of Re Union

In the Crystal of Re Union, there is a feature called “Stories of Heroes”. Each Hero has its own storyline, and when you experience the Crystal of Re Union world, these stories will gradually unfold. When you “unlock” these stories, you will receive a reward.

This system symbolizes the cohesion between you and your hero. The more you stick, the closer to your Hero, the more you unlock more stories about Hero. The Treasure Alliance can also open up items that increase the intimacy between you and your hero in the game.

8. Game events in Crystal of Re Union

In the Crystal of Re Union, there are many events for you to join. You can join events to destroy monsters. When you defeat a monster, your alliance will gain points and it will help your alliance achieve high rankings in the event. Or you can join the event “hit 4 heavenly dragons”. Join forces with alliance members to defeat them to receive items that can be used to craft rare and powerful items. There are many events for you in this game.

In addition, the game also has a daily task system and achievement system. You can click on the Quest icon to track and complete them. Each time you complete, you will receive a reward that the game gives you.

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