Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide about Rapala Fishing

Rapala is a very popular fishing game on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is considered as a sports game for gamers. In the game, you will catch the fish of different sizes and types.

The game has many levels, and you will be fishing in different seas. Each sea area will have different fish and rare fish. The more you play, the bigger your fish will be. Each time you fish, you will receive experience points and coins. And in today’s article, we’ll give you some very useful tips for this game.

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1. Simulation as a reality

When you fish, you will feel the attractiveness and resistance of the fish. You will have to perform the same actions as the real fishermen did. And when you pull the fish out of the water, the effects appear to be very similar to real life.

Physical elements are also included in the game. If you make a mistake like the wrong time, use too much force or too little force, the fish will escape your hand. You will also see the effects of everything around, such as city lights, passing boats or water effects. All will help you not get bored when playing games.

2. A lot of different fish in the game

When you catch a fish, they will be added to your basket. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to receive rapala cheats – an item that can open many other fish or hooks (using rapala fishing hack). The more fish you get, the more rewarding you will get. You will have a lot of coins and hooks, you will use fish to sell and get more coins. Coins used to buy bait, hooks, fishing rods … You will also be leveled up and take on the new challenges of the game.

3. New in-game waters and dangerous levels

In the game, your task is to catch the fish. However, it is not so simple. You will have to catch a lot of fish, especially big fish. When selling these big fish, you will get more coins and EXP. And every time you complete a quest in a town, you will be moved to a new town with new waters and new fish.

Of course, you need to use coins or rapala cheats (using rapala fishing hack)to get better hooks and catch the biggest fish in new waters. In addition, the game has some difficult and dangerous levels for players, you need to consider carefully before joining these levels.

4. Rapala fishing hack

As I mentioned above, when fishing you need to be fully equipped with the necessary equipment. That is bait and hook. You will have to use coins to buy these items. Of course, when you have the best equipment, you will catch the big fish. And when you catch these rare fish, you will gain more EXP to level and unlock the new town. Use rapala fishing hack and you will have a lot of coins without having to do anything. In addition, rapala fishing hack also allows you to unlock new towns immediately. This is also the easiest way to get the biggest and rarest fish in the game.



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