Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide for Dynasty Blades Warriors MMO.

Dynasty Blades Warriors is an extremely popular MMO and many people are involved in this game. Game talk about the war going on between the three most powerful kingdom at the time. The contradictions between the three factions are growing and its peak is a huge war. This is also the time when you must participate in this war. Choose a kingdom and help them win and gain the most power. Get involved with crazy action, thousands of weapons and unique hack and slash system.

But that’s another story … Today I’m not going to talk about Dynasty Blades Warriors, for the purpose of this article is to provide you with tips and tutorials about Dynasty Blades Warriors, the experience is extremely valuable. So you can reach the most powerful position in the game. Especially the benefits of using Dynasty Blades Warriors MMO Hack and Cheats.


1. The beginning

This is an MMO, so you must have a computer that can be online to play this game. In addition, you should select the server closest to your area, and select the server that is green. This will help you less lag when playing the game.

2. The plot of the game

There are so many gamers who skip this step, they are going to rush into the game. However, if you are clear about the story of the game, you will clearly understand the purpose of the game, it will help you have a clear direction in the game.

Game set in the late Eastern – Hand – Dynasty. The emperor ordered 18 warlords to fight together to destroy Dong Zhou. Everything in the game starts here!

3. Battles are right in front of you

As mentioned in the introduction, a big battle is about to start. Therefore, you need to learn the basics of fighting skills. You need to move skillfully, use the control panel to control your character (it is located in the bottom left corner). However, that is not enough, you need to learn to attack your opponent. Pay attention to the attack button (bottom right corner of the screen), click on it as your character will attack the opponent. Attack direction will depend on how you control the character using the control panel.

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4. Pay attention to the special skills because they are very necessary when fighting

Each skill type has a different icon, and when you click on it, the character will perform the skill immediately. These skills deal a great deal of damage, and sometimes they also cause some effects on the opponent, such as stunning, slow … The most important point is the cast time of each skill. You should know them well to know exactly when your character can perform a special skill.

Once your character has used special skills, it will not be able to be used immediately (because of cast time). So we hope that Dynasty – Blades – Warriors – MMO – Hack will help you much in the battlefield.

5. Increase your character’s survivability

The advantage of this game is that there is a button for you to “dodge”. Of course, in an MMO, you cannot always be safe. Dangerous situations always happen to you. And when you click on the “Dodge” button, you may escape the arrows that are pointing at you.

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