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How dare you attack my wizard?

Wizard Wars is an online turn-based RPG / Strategy game played in your browser. You need to use strategy, cunning and luck to beat the other online wizards, and a little bit of imagination always helps.
Picture the following wizard battle!

Dusk has settled, the two combatants, both highly experienced Wizards eye each other up across the battlefield. There are broken wands and scorch marks everywhere...
This Wizard War has been the hardest of all time, and it shows on the faces of the two opposing Wizards...
The game is afoot as first one wizard then the other wizard start circling, looking for weaknesses, devising their strategy, getting ready to start the casting of what could be their last spell. The crowd of online watchers watch in anticipation of the victory. The chatroom is busy with other wizards roleplaying, but still the two wizards are preparing spells.

The stage is set - only one can win...
The Earth Wizard thumps the earth with his staff, but the Fire Wizard has already raised his arms above his head. The spells are cast, only one wizard is left standing! Is it YOU!


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