What is your favorite game in 2017?

⦁ It’s been nine months since 2017 and there are many titles from PC games, console games, mobile games … with a lot of games like Puzzle, Strategy, Turn-based … My favorite MMO is apparently slowly evolving. Less and less MMORPGs are coming out than before, though there are still some good games out there, but few are. And what I’m looking forward to is the last few months of the year, hoping for some new stuff to come out. Back to the topic today, while waiting for new titles, let’s take a look at the most outstanding games in 2017 up to the present time.


⦁ First of all I should mention the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, this is the highlight of the MMO series this year. I had a crush on this game because of its gorgeous graphics and extreme animation and realism. I spent hours in the world of the Elder Scrolls Online and was enthralled by the jungle paths with trees. It’s huge, because it has to push the horse through dangerous volcanic volcanoes or the intense fighting with aggressive Bosses … besides, games like Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends , The Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes, and even the World of Warcraft monument have also been very good in attracting players.
Elder Scrolls Online
⦁ I really have to confess to you that I am a follower of online games. I spent quite a bit of time just playing games because almost after class, most of me just played games and played games. Albion, the alphas test of the Legends of Aria, and Neverwinter, I have tried them all and have recognized the interesting points of each game. I’ve also experienced MXM, Black Desert, Diablo 3, Dark and Light, and Citadel, and they seem to like it, as they have a very classic and original storyline. Also, when participating in FFXIV’s world, I noticed that the world around me was so beautiful, and I found the living value of a very spiritual person, my feelings seemed to have been shifted to a certain direction I never knew before. Recently, I also played Dauntless, also has a character quite strong here. Of course, it comes with a great amount of time and effort I put into this game, but the story is deep in the titles let me tell you at another time offline!

⦁ During these summer holidays, Elder Scrolls Online and Path of Flame are two classic European-themed games that I spend 100% of my time on. I have traveled with my online friends here, having relaxed moments, saying things that I think or stressful and combining with monsters, Boss in the game extremely ferocious …
Guild Wars 2
⦁ But is there any game worth noting for us in the coming months? It depends on what kind of game you like, because the game is always consistent. If you are a follower of the shooter series, this October 24th will be an event that you cannot ignore. Destiny 2 will be released on PC. For me, I do not like to play shooters on the console, I want to hit the keyboard and mouse, so downloading Destiny 2 on the PC is a great thing. Hopefully the House of Wolves will do as well as they did for Destiny 1 and even better.
⦁ If you do not forget, we also have Mu Legend as a MMOPRG mobile superhero as a gem, and we’re about to experience Lineage Eternal or Lost Ark in the next year or so, all of them. These are promising titles that will be the blockbuster when they are showed.
Lineage Eternal
⦁ Indeed 2017 is an unforgettable year of MMO. More and more games are more MMO-like, but in reality there are fewer games actually called pure MMORPGs. In fact, that is what we have to face in the days of internet development and the gaming industry is shifting away with innovations and innovations that are constantly updated. However, I still hope that pure MMPRPG games will reappear in the future, while I will continue to immerse myself in the world of ESO and GW2. And you, you have to type MMORPG enthusiasts like me or a certain type of game it? Let’s see if there are any really impressive games released in the past year, and are you looking forward to a title game?
⦁ Personally, I think that MMORPGs bring more emotions to me than any other game. Not only because my first exposure to the game was an MMORPG, but also because of the great things it brought me to the experience. I used to stay up all night chatting with my strangely familiar online friends in Japan by way of dozens of hours flying because it is sad about family matters, or have to wake up at 3 am to guard the rare Boss and then burst into happiness when the Boss fell off the super rare items. Or simply go to school and then eat rice back into the computer to join the party trainers … community in the MMORPG line can say its strengths. And if you try, I think you will be like me, will also drown in a second world in this series, will be free to express their thoughts, thoughts and express themselves in a way. It’s true that you can hardly do those things in the real world.

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