16 tips to help you get a better experience in ASSASSIN’S CREED ORIGINS

Assassin’s Creed is a great RPG game. However, players will be overwhelmed by a vast world and a huge amount of information that the game provides. This makes players feel tired in approaching the game. If you were a new player for the first time in Assassin’s Creed and you were thrown into a vast Egyptian desert, what would your feelings be like?

In today’s article I will give you 16 tips so you can experience this game more easily.

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1. Freedom to move in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, you’ll be able to explore a vast world of various maps. You can pick up quests and complete them in the way that the game guides you. But you can also freely walk through all the maps in the game. Every map has its own quests. You can get any quest you like because it is the gameplay of this game. However, you should be careful to avoid getting lost in maps that are beyond your ability.

2. The numbers on the map

How do you know this map will be higher than your level? Pay attention to the numbers under the names of the areas in the map. That’s a suggestion for you. If you see an area with the numbers “5 – 8” then this means that this area will suit you if you have 5 to 8 levels. This is a great tip. It will help you avoid being killed with just one hit of strong monsters.

3. Bleed on hit is a powerful skill

Rare weapons or legendary weapons will have special skills. Among them, “Bleed on hit” is the skill that I recommend looking for. This is a very powerful skill that deals a lot of damage to enemies.

4. Check the items that you have collected

In the game, you’ll go kill monsters, loot, look for treasure in the sea … But if you only collect them then it’s a waste. Check the items you have collected regularly to see if you can use them. It would be great if you could combine these items to create a high-end weapon and increase your power.

5. Upgrade your weaponry at the blacksmith

When you complete a quest, you will probably receive a rare weapon. However, its level is low and it is quite “weak”. Do not throw it away or sell it. Come to the blacksmith to upgrade it and you will realize that you own a treasure. Blacksmiths are present in every city in the game. Check the item you want to upgrade carefully to make sure it’s worth doing because it will cost you a bit of money.

6. Sell “junk” for money

During the game you will receive a lot of different items. Among them, there will be “junk”. They may be the skin of the monsters that you have destroyed or are useless logs. Sell them to get a small amount. This is necessary and it will help you a lot in the early game.

7. Use the auto feature when walking to the target

In the game, if you ride a horse or camel, they will automatically bring you to your target. Let hold A (X on PS4) to reveal the map interface, then press Y (triangle button on PS4) to go to the target that you marked. However, you need to monitor their progress because sometimes they also take you through dangerous areas.

8. Ability points

When you level up, you will have a point to use. They will contribute to the power that you have. Although the effects are small, you need to take advantage of all that the game gives you. My advice is: use point as soon as possible. Only when you need more than 1 point to increase a high skill level, you can save them.

9. Senu – great pet

Senu – you can command it to fly high and mark any location you want. It can help you find the target you are looking for, so you can easily complete the quest by approaching and killing the target. Sometimes, while you are fighting a monster, it will join to assist you. This Senu is really handy and I love it.

10. Animus Pulse Feature

When you use Animus Pulse, things that you can loot will be more prominent. These can be jewelry, cabinets, jars, boxes, treasure chests … All these things have money or have their own uses. And as I said, collect them as much as possible then you can combine them or sell them. Animus Pulse only works in a certain range. But to me, that has met the needs of players.

11. Phylake

Phylake is a healthy warrior group that will find ways to kill you. They are present in many places on the map. However, you can easily avoid them because the places they appear are marked on the map with a red stripes. Avoid them until you become stronger. Once you have all the necessary skills and advanced weapons, fight them. A legendary weapon will be your reward after winning against Phylake.

12. Climb the tower and activate the synchronization points

In Assassin’s Creed, you will see towers. However, you need to approach it. On these towers there will be synchronization points. It will help you a lot in moving and it will also enhance the capabilities of Senu.

13. Break weapons rather than selling them

Sometimes, you can break weapons because they will bring more value than selling them for money. You can use these elements to upgrade your base stat. They can be animal skin or hidden blade.

14. Kill the enemy with fire

In the enemy’s farm, you will see large red pots. They may catch fire. Give the signal to the enemy to gather together and shoot the arrow in the pot and it will destroy all of your enemies. This is a great tactic. However you should be careful because fire can also kill Bayek.

15. Be a good hunter

In Assassin’s Creed, wildlife hunting is an important factor contributing to your success (although PETA may not like it). In the maps of ancient Egypt, there are many animals that appear scattered everywhere. They can be deer, leopards, lions … and you can “completely” kill them. You can use them to upgrade your equipment, typically armor.

16. Nomad’s Bazaar

If you notice, the map will have a blue diamond with an exclamation mark, which is Nomad’s Bazaar. When you come here, you will meet a boy who wants to sell you expensive items. You can buy them, or you can get new missions from him. These tasks are usually quite simple: you will go to an area, find and kill a target. But your reward is well worth it. You can get rare items from these quests. However, these quests have limited time. You need to finish them in this limited time!



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