The ways to ‘making money’ you should know when playing MMORPG

With MMORPGs, ‘making money‘ is one of the indispensable activities to increase the number of players as well as the online time of players. However, to ‘making money’ in the game is like making money in real life, not easy for players to experience less and never tried. In addition to ‘making money’ in MMORPGs, transactional and commercial features are indispensable for trading-business. So those MMORPGs that do not have transactional or commercial features, let’s ignore the concept of ‘make money’. Here are tips that I have learned after many years of gaming.

1. Participate in tasks and activities

In most MMORPGs, the quest system offers a large amount of experience to increase the level and a certain amount of money for the player to maintain the character in the experience. However, many developers have realized that the amount of money the player receives through the mission system is too large, so the money earned through this will automatically lock (you can still use to buy items in the Shop, but cannot trade with others).
Since then, the concept of money lock and money was not born, eliminating the simplest way to get rich in MMORPGs. However, with the money lock, players can still use it to enhance their equipment, buy essential items and items of low value in the store, or upgrade their character’s skills to some games.
In addition to the basic mission system that follows the storyline of the game, many MMORPGs add daily quests and events. In this new mission system, players can earn money (unlocked), unlocked equipment and a lot of valuable items to help players get rich. However, these tasks and events attract a lot of participants, and if you want to get rich quick, or reach a superior strength of the opponent then you have to work hard and have a little luck.

2. Learning Job, make equipment

With pure MMORPGs, cannot lack the Job feature and make equipment, if a product is not available, it is the developer’s intention not to feed your character in the game, and they want you to pay in their game.
The job systems of MMORPGs may not be the same in appearance and name, but each has a common feature that requires the player to learn one or more Jobs for the character, and develop the character level associated with the Job level. At each Job level, players can use their abilities to make equipment, drugs, ingredients … things are made possible to deal with other players to receive money.
A small note in the job system is not that you are going to earn money immediately. With traditional MMORPGs, the Job system is considered the key to earning money from players, and so a player can create a lot of accounts to learn all Jobs. There are also a few MMORPGs that do not allow players to learn the skill at low levels or the character must be qualified to learn the Job.

3. Hunt Boss

Perhaps boss hunting is one of the highlights of traditional MMORPGs. In order to hunt down the Boss, the player’s character has reached a certain level of power, combined with the community elements in each game, such as the guild or clan.
The boss hunting system of MMORPGs is almost the same, both from the way and the reward. Players will be able to watch the boss appear in hours, days or weeks. At these times, the more rare the boss, the more participants hunt. And since then, boss hunting is not just an activity to show the power of the game, but it is also the main source of income for many guilds and clans in any MMORPG.
In addition to the popular boss system in MMORPGs, the mini-boss system or the bosses in the quests are also chosen by many players to ‘make money’. For example, if a game has a mini-boss event at the end of a week, the player must team up and hunt the boss for a specific mission. At this point you will no longer have to plunder with other enemies, but you will have to gain enough power to kill the boss and reward system will also devalue more than the normal Boss system.

4. Sell items – Trading with other players

Combining the three forms above and using the valuable items sold to the people who need it is called the MMORPG trading form and this is the way most players use it. Traders often watch the world channel for hours to know who needs something to sell, who needs something to buy and enjoy the difference in the middle.
With trading, the rate of money in the game and real money from the player is one of the factors that influence the decision of the player. If an item can hunt for a short period of time, but its value is low it is difficult to make a profit. For this reason, if MMORPGs sell too many valuable items in a cash shop at low cost, it is very difficult for players to sell items they find.
Generally speaking, the trading system in MMORPGs is usually quite similar, but there is a lot of interest from the players depending on how the game operates. If the value of the equipment received from the boss hunt is reduced, anyone can earn if invested time, then no one would want to buy.

5. Train level, sell account

Most traditional MMORPGs take the level as a gauge of strength for all players (second is the character’s equipment system). In these games, when you reach a certain level you will only learn the necessary skill and use equipment of the same level.
Knowing this influence on the characters in the game, as well as the majority of players do not have much time online, and even the auto system has appeared for ages, the players with the purpose of training level for the others have appeared. They are ready to train level for you at cheap rates, suitable for money. They are also ready to create new accounts, train to high levels and sell them to other players.
In this way of earning money, players must have a lot of time and experience. Most of these players have a main account with a high level, and a group of 3-4 people to be able to fight the train yards, and destroy the monster quickly to help the sub accounts level up quickly.

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Top 10 tips and tricks are very useful when playing the Grand Battle.

Grand Battle is a very famous game and there are many people playing this game every day. Since the launch of this real-time strategy game, all gamers participating in this game are attracted by the game’s rich and varied gameplay.

There are many ways for players to develop in the game. You can build in the direction of attack to destroy the enemy quickly, or you can build in the defensive direction to create a strong castle that no one can attack you.

However, the game is relatively complex as it has a lot of features. Therefore, in this article (based on Ricky Yang – developer of Grand Battle) I will introduce you 10 tips and cheats are very useful to be able to win the battle of Grand Battle.

1. Collect resources as much as possible

As we all know, in the Grand Battle, to create soldiers or upgrade tanks, the main ingredients are metal and oil. However, there is a problem that factories will stop working when they have full material. Therefore, the first important thing in this game is that you have to collect as much and reserve as many resources as possible.

2. Electricity is essential for all your activities

Buildings are always the beginning of everything in the game. To create a powerful empire, you must have a lot of high-level buildings. However, the speed of construction and the ability to build more buildings depends very much on electricity. To increase electricity, you need to upgrade the electric factory to a higher level and build more electric factory.

You should also note the overload of power plants. If overloading occurs, power plants will be damaged.


3. Command Center: Your brain in the game

Your population, your tech level, and the amount your army’s weapons will greatly increase each time you successfully upgrade the Command Center. This shows that upgrading to the Command Center is extremely important. However, you need to have enough resources to upgrade. Please upgrade Command Center ASAP!

4. Make sure your troops are always in the strongest state

After each battle, your troops will be reduced in number due to injury while fighting. Find a way to recover to make sure you always have the most powerful army. There are two ways to help your troops recover: 1 to upgrade them and 2 to use medical units to heal them.

5. Risk while attacking other players

Remember that when you attack another player, there will always be certain risks. The most common is that you lose the protective shield effect and when the troops leave the city, your defense at this time will be very weak.

6. Lineup and strategy

Build Gun Turrets and Patriot-to-Ground around your buildings and Command Centers to ensure that enemies cannot attack these important areas. Gun Turrets can shoot enemies in the air and on the ground while Patriot-to-ground can only shoot enemies at the ground.

Remember that when the above areas are destroyed, the enemy can freely loot your resources.

7. Information about “Your VS Arms”

“Arms VS” means killing-ability for the “respective-arms”. They are buildings, aircraft, combat vehicles and VS rifleman. Take note of their colors. VS with the highest level will be green and VS with the red is the lowest level.

8. Destroy other people’s bases and take away their resources

It does not sound good, but this is really what you need to do in this game. You cannot play a game that only builds, then upgrades, and builds again.

Wars are always needed in real-time strategy games. Use spy satellite to attack other players and take away their resources.

9. Understand your opponents – Take advantage of your strengths in battle

When sending troops to fight, I have some information for you:
– The number of soldiers you can send to fight is limited, so you need to consider this and the time you want to attack.
– Use more weapons of the same type, the more power will increase.

In addition, you should also gather information about the target that you prepared to attack. Knowing the strength of the opponent, you will take control of the battle.\

10. Air Force and Ground Force

You must always ensure that your forces consistently have air and ground forces. Because in the game only a few units can attack both the air and ground, typically Gun Turrets. However, only that is not enough, you need to have separate forces for each type of terrain on the battlefield.

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Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guides about Crystal of Re Union.

 Crystal of Re Union is a very interesting (real-time) strategy game developed by gumi inc. In particular, the game just released recently and you can completely download this free game on the Appstore and Google Play.

In the Crystal of Re Union, you will build your own kingdom; you will find ways to develop your kingdom into a mighty one. As soon as you enter the game, you will name your kingdom, and you will also be selected a hero to lead your entire army.

It’s clear that everyone wants to be the world’s only reigning Crystal of Re Union. Everyone wants their Hero to be the strongest Hero. So, in today’s article, I will give you tips, tricks, and the most important things in the Crystal of Re Union and I assure you that these will help you so much on the way to becoming the king of the world Crystal of Re Union.

1. Overview of the Crystal of Re Union

First of all, we will go from the outside, which is a general view of the Crystal of Re Union game. The game was developed by Japanese designers and has an impressive “Chibi” graphic style. From the heroes, costumes, weapons, monsters, buildings, castles, terrains, maps … all combine to form a mysterious world with magical elements inside it.

In addition, with a handy vertical screen interface designed for mobile players, the gumi did well and grabbed the hearts of the gamers. With buttons located in easy-to-reach locations, it’s easy for you to take action while playing the game, as well as for easy control of the game, all very simple and handy.

Finally, we have to mention the effects that games bring. It is recognized that games from Japan are very sophisticated in terms of visuals and effects. You will be surprised by the effects in the Crystal of Re Union, which is made like real-life effects. And if you open the sound when playing games, you will realize that is a very important piece of the game. The dubbed character “Japanese”, the sound characteristic and true will make you as living in the world of Crystal of Re Union.

2. Buildings, architecture in Crystal of Re Union

As I mentioned above, this is a real time strategy game, and your main job is to build and develop your kingdom. Therefore, buildings and architecture are extremely important. Although in the Tutorial section of the game will guide you about the basic building, so you can start the game easily. However, this is not enough.

You need to know that each building or architecture in the game has its own unique and important effects. No building or architecture is “redundant” in the Crystal of Re Union. But the most important architecture is Castle. You need to raise the level of Castle to be able to raise the level of other buildings, as they can – not exceed the level of Castle.

For the military system, you need to build military buildings and they will be the place to train troops for you. There are many types of troops in the Crystal of Re Union for you to choose from. Either you will focus on one or two types of troops, or you will develop all the troops (which, of course, will take up a lot of resources and time). You should also keep in mind the limit on the number of troops you can create, and this is influenced by another architecture, the “Research” building.

In the Research building, you will have 6 functions to upgrade including Resources, Kingdom, Military, Hero, Defense and Defense II. These functions will have different effects and this is also the difference of all players in the Crystal of Re Union.

You will use your troops to fight or harvest resources outside the kingdom. And Castle Wall will be the place for you to create your kingdom’s defense system. In addition, we will have Hero. This is a very unique feature in the game and I think you should invest a lot on the Hero. Each time your hero level increases, your battle power increases very fast. Pay attention to the Aura and craft the most powerful weapons and equipment for your hero.

We also have the architecture of resource production. There are 5 types of resources in the Crystal of Re Union, which are timber, stones, ore, food and magic shards. Each type will have its own effects, but you will need a lot of resources when your castle reaches level 10 or higher. Build these architectures quickly and upgrade them as soon as you can. There are a number of players in the Crystal of Re Union saying that build four architectures for each resource. But in my opinion, let’s build 3 structures for timber, 4 for stones, 4 for ore and the rest for all food. Magic shards are special resources, it’s built inside the Kingdom, and I think 6 architectures for magic shards are fine. I only have one note that, the soldier will consume your food. When you have more soldiers, you will be consuming more food. So balance these two issues.


3. Attack other players – Take advantage of other players’ resources

If you are playing a fun game, you love peace, and then you skip this tip of mine. Because this is a tip about battles, but it’s really important and necessary. In the Crystal of Re Union, you will be able to attack anything from monsters, gathering resources, player’s kingdoms within 200m (units of distance in the Crystal of Re Union). With attacking other players, if you win you will have resources in their kingdom; depending on the object you are attacking has many resources or less resources. In any battle, there are also losses. You will probably have to spend a certain amount of troops when you attack other players.

The game also has a “Recon” system that allows you to probe and know information about opponents such as the number of soldiers in the kingdom, information about resources …

When you win a battle, you will have the chance to capture the enemy hero as a prisoner. The larger the number of prisoners, the stronger your troops will be. You can also drop prisoners back to their kingdom if you are a “good person”. You should also note that when attacking other players, they will also know your location. So you need to think carefully before attacking someone.

4. Cards Monster System – Cards System in Crystal of Re Union

Monsters in the Crystal of Re Union are very diverse and they have many different types. You can only use the Hero to fight them and you can – not use your troops to do this. Each monster type will have an aura index. When your hero has more aura or equal to the aura of the monster, then your Hero can attack them. That’s why I say that aura is a very important indicator and you should pay attention to it.

When monster hit, you will have EXP (for leveling up your Hero), items dropping from monsters (for crafting or upgrading equipment for Heroes), resources and especially cards. Each monster will have a card symbolizing it. These cards are used to add equipment. Each card will have different effects. So you need to see what type of monster cards are suitable for your strategy.

In the Crystal of Re Union, monsters will appear each day, there will be different types of monsters every day. There are also items that can be summoned directly to the monster. When using these items, I recommend you summon monsters right around your kingdom to save time.

5. Alliance System in Crystal of Re Union

I have never seen a strategy game that builds a great Alliance system like the Crystal of Re Union. Although it is a tactical game, this system is very important and it ties people together very closely. When you are attacked, the Alliance will have a Rally function so that other members can join you to get revenge.

But that is not the most important thing, which I would like to emphasize here is “Treasure Alliance”. Once you defeat the monster, a treasure will appear in Alliance for all Alliance members. These treasure alliances can open a wide range of items from resources, items to reduce the build time, EXP for hero, items to craft and even you can open cards from these treasures. And if you get a strong Alliance, every day you can get a few hundred treasures.

In addition, owning an Alliance will help you avoid being watched and attacked by others. If you are lonely, you will be the target for others to attack.

6. Chat – Email System in Crystal of Re Union

The chat system in Crystal of Re Union is simple and easy to see. There are 2 chat tables, one for all players in the server and the other for Alliance players. Through this feature, you can learn and exchange more information with other players, have more new friends and valuable experience.

Email systems allow you to send messages directly to a certain player, even if you and that player have never been friends, not the same alliance. This system makes it easy to connect with someone in a private environment.

7. Stories of Heroes in Crystal of Re Union

In the Crystal of Re Union, there is a feature called “Stories of Heroes”. Each Hero has its own storyline, and when you experience the Crystal of Re Union world, these stories will gradually unfold. When you “unlock” these stories, you will receive a reward.

This system symbolizes the cohesion between you and your hero. The more you stick, the closer to your Hero, the more you unlock more stories about Hero. The Treasure Alliance can also open up items that increase the intimacy between you and your hero in the game.

8. Game events in Crystal of Re Union

In the Crystal of Re Union, there are many events for you to join. You can join events to destroy monsters. When you defeat a monster, your alliance will gain points and it will help your alliance achieve high rankings in the event. Or you can join the event “hit 4 heavenly dragons”. Join forces with alliance members to defeat them to receive items that can be used to craft rare and powerful items. There are many events for you in this game.

In addition, the game also has a daily task system and achievement system. You can click on the Quest icon to track and complete them. Each time you complete, you will receive a reward that the game gives you.

Also, I would like to highlight the Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide for Dynasty Blades Warriors MMO.

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Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide for Dynasty Blades Warriors MMO.

Dynasty Blades Warriors is an extremely popular MMO and many people are involved in this game. Game talk about the war going on between the three most powerful kingdom at the time. The contradictions between the three factions are growing and its peak is a huge war. This is also the time when you must participate in this war. Choose a kingdom and help them win and gain the most power. Get involved with crazy action, thousands of weapons and unique hack and slash system.

But that’s another story … Today I’m not going to talk about Dynasty Blades Warriors, for the purpose of this article is to provide you with tips and tutorials about Dynasty Blades Warriors, the experience is extremely valuable. So you can reach the most powerful position in the game. Especially the benefits of using Dynasty Blades Warriors MMO Hack and Cheats.


1. The beginning

This is an MMO, so you must have a computer that can be online to play this game. In addition, you should select the server closest to your area, and select the server that is green. This will help you less lag when playing the game.

2. The plot of the game

There are so many gamers who skip this step, they are going to rush into the game. However, if you are clear about the story of the game, you will clearly understand the purpose of the game, it will help you have a clear direction in the game.

Game set in the late Eastern – Hand – Dynasty. The emperor ordered 18 warlords to fight together to destroy Dong Zhou. Everything in the game starts here!

3. Battles are right in front of you

As mentioned in the introduction, a big battle is about to start. Therefore, you need to learn the basics of fighting skills. You need to move skillfully, use the control panel to control your character (it is located in the bottom left corner). However, that is not enough, you need to learn to attack your opponent. Pay attention to the attack button (bottom right corner of the screen), click on it as your character will attack the opponent. Attack direction will depend on how you control the character using the control panel.

Use Dynasty – Blades – Warriors – MMO – Cheats to boost your power up, as it’s free.

4. Pay attention to the special skills because they are very necessary when fighting

Each skill type has a different icon, and when you click on it, the character will perform the skill immediately. These skills deal a great deal of damage, and sometimes they also cause some effects on the opponent, such as stunning, slow … The most important point is the cast time of each skill. You should know them well to know exactly when your character can perform a special skill.

Once your character has used special skills, it will not be able to be used immediately (because of cast time). So we hope that Dynasty – Blades – Warriors – MMO – Hack will help you much in the battlefield.

5. Increase your character’s survivability

The advantage of this game is that there is a button for you to “dodge”. Of course, in an MMO, you cannot always be safe. Dangerous situations always happen to you. And when you click on the “Dodge” button, you may escape the arrows that are pointing at you.

Also, I would like to highlight the Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide for Tome of the Sun.

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Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide for Tome of the Sun.

Tome of the Sun – The Fantasy MMO is released free of charge on the Appstore for iOS and Google Play for Android. The company releases Tome of the Sun as “NetEase Games.”

Tome of the Sun is a unique mobile-phone-based MMO and I guarantee that it will leave a deep impression on you. In the game, you can customize your character from face to hair … But the most interesting point of this game is the real – time system and the in – game quest closely follow the story. And with Tome of the Sun – Fantasy cheat MMO, you will have the best game experience.


1. Four different classes

This is the beginning of the game, and you need to know about it. The game has a total of 4 class characters with different skills and strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you need to find out what the weak points of these classes are and what class is most suitable for you. To help you, we will analyze it in the section below.

2. Knight

We will go straight to the main content, which is the class mentioned in the article. So, I will skip some unnecessary steps to avoid wasting your time.

Guardians of the kingdom are knights. They made the argument that they would do their best to protect others.

To talk about knights, we need to know that this is a high defensive class because there are always strong armor around them. Besides, with the great weapons, Knight’s physical damage is always the obsession of other classes. However, the weakness of the Knight is the effect of magic. They are easily hurt when hit by spells created by magic. Although the player can enhance the character’s attributes (via Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO tips), it is not easy at all.

3. Ranger

The second class in the game is Ranger. They are very agile and clever. Rangers are very smart gunmen and also serial killers at lightning speed.

If you look at the character stats, you will see that the Ranger is a class with very high physical damage, of course they do not have magic, and the defense is only temporary. But the most powerful of the Ranger is “accurate”, once they have shot, few people avoid.

There is only one thing that I want you to keep in mind when playing this class. In battles, keep a safe distance with your opponent and move skillfully, absolutely not letting your opponent get close to you. Why is that so? Because of weaknesses of this class is very low HP!

4. All Rounder Class.

This is my favorite class. At first you will find this class quite weak, but with Tome of the Sun – Fantasy MMO hack, you will see this is an unstoppable class.

Duelist is warrior of great will and seriousness. When you experience this class, you will see the silhouette of a knight with low defense but attack speed is extremely high. And in the last part, let’s find out about the fourth class of this game. The Mage class.

5. When do we need 1 Mage?

This is not an easy question, nor is it difficult. But to find the solution, you need to know what the Mage is, what kind of characteristics it has?

Mages are capable of ranged attacks very well. They can control elements such as ice, fire, thunder and use them to create extremely powerful attacks. It’s clear that magic damage is the strongest point of Mage, even more powerful than physical damage.

However, the weakness of the Mage is very low defense, almost none at all. Therefore, the Mage needed the equipment to improve this weakness. With the Tome of Sun-Fantasy MMO hacking, look for a suitable gear set as they are free.

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Things to know when you play a new MMORPG.

There are a lot of people who start playing a new game, they will play immediately without knowing everything around them, although there is a straightforward button for new players. Of course, they will still experience the game well, but if you look at the “pro” aspect, they certainly will not be like those who spend time learning about the game that they are playing. In today’s article, I will introduce you to some things that you should pay attention when playing an MMORPG without knowing anything about it.


1. Learn about item types

The items of each game are different, and in MMORPGs the numbers are never small. Pre-reading these types will help you save time reading and research, which you can search in groups or forums, more specifically the game’s Wiki system. But if the game is not fully released then Wiki will be missing, so it is best to find out in advance Close Beta.

Researching items will tell you how to use them appropriately, how rare this item is, how to use it and how to find it. … Knowing that information you will avoid “selling rare items that do not know” while playing in the official launch.

2. Learn about character classes and build guides

Games developed recently will give players a lot of choices, not constrained in the character building. So the class you choose is not necessarily the default, but you can add spice to the special class that is more suited to your style of play.

A class can have multiple builds by adding different points, combined with indexes from equipment and other systems such as gems or pet. As Assassin does not have to build on crit and damage, you can go pure evade, for instance, or combine both to make the most of balance. But such experiments will consume your resources, if the game does not provide reset tools or items with similar effects, so you should research ahead of time. Then you will be free to build characters, or can refer to the forum and learn from the previous experience.


3. Research on the game’s unique system

Depending on the game, there will be a central system, which is a feature that developers want to bring to you. This system can be a pet system, gem system, skill tree and other things. It’s the core of the game that you play, researching this system will help you a lot. Understand it, you will know how to invest and find the right direction as well as you will spend less resources than others.

These systems usually have a lot of things but most will be easy to understand, so you probably do not need to do a deep study, just understand the theory. If you want to be sure, you can experiment with the Close Beta or Open Beta – or from other players.


4. Effective training

Level training is an essential and of course everyone who plays MMORPGs knows that, but the most effective way is not sure. If you follow the quest path to level up or destroy the monster dungeon, it will be quite long, or games designed the classic plow level so that of course does not change anything.

But today’s games have a lot of other ways to training levels, maybe in the form of daily events or monthly events, or a special daily task that gives you a lot of experience. First, you should play the game early in the Closed Beta, then you will gain experience from yourself or learn from others on the group and forum.

Train levels will often include a selection of quests to choose from, monster locations, special times, or events to maximize the amount of experience you receive. If the game is well designed then you may not need to play continuously but still have the experience to level up.

5. Ways to make money

Money (in game) is extremely important in any game, not just MMORPG. With money, you can buy and trade items, materials, resources… But to get enough money to do the above, the money from the task is not enough, so you have to earn money from many other “ways”.

Each game will have its own monetization mechanism, like some games to combat inflation, the amount of money that the system gives players will depend on small tasks. Small tasks do not give you too much money, but you can do a lot of different tasks, slowly adding up the amount of money you need. Some games have their own money making system, which usually takes time, not hard. The most common example is “NPC Quest” – a type of quest that runs from A to B and then returns the quest to C, then get money.

There are also other games that create other paths for the player to make money, such as the market system – personal stalls to make money, in particular the sale of materials in the game. The more rare or higher the material, the more expensive it is. Or if you are a lucky person, you can choose to craft equipment and sell it, which is probably the fastest way to get rich without having to spend a lot of money – as long as you “lucky” you will definitely make a profit.


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10 free MMORPGs that you should play once.

In the past few years, MMORPGs have been less prominent than before. I still remember very well that around 2013 the free MMOPRG titles are still new and have a huge community of gamers. At that time, Candy Crush Saga was only released for a year, South Park launched a “pay to win” style in Freemium Is not Free in 2014, but at that time their community was not much.

However, in later years, everything has changed (including MMORPG). Game publishers have been very clever in eliminating the time-charging and they only earn money by putting in very small fee-for-play games, typically the Cash Shop.

The fact is that the amount of MMORPG players is getting less and less, probably due to the fact that so many other game genres are being released and gamers will have more choices. As a result, many game developers have reduced their monthly subscription fees or even removed this feature. For example, The Elder Scrolls Online Zenimax was launched in 2014 and quickly reduce monthly premium players before it is released on consoles in 2015.

If you are planning to explore the MMO world, this will be the best time for you as most of them are free. And the subject of today’s article is that I want to introduce to you the list of 10 free MMORPGs worth to play.

Note: Most of the games in this list are free games but within it there will be small fee features such as Shop, Auction. But games are not required to join them. You can still experience full game without spending any money.

1. Runescape 3

The first game in this article is Runescape 3. Owning 200 million accounts has shown how good the game quality is. The game was released in 2011 and gained the title of the most popular free MMORPG, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Runescape 3 1

The web version of the game is not much different from previous renditions of the game. Game set in the fantasy land of war-ravaged Gielinor, Runescape has simple and familiar gameplay of MMORPGs, game focus on PvE and crafting fuction.Quest features and battle system of the game is also very interesting, it forced you to click to let the enemy completely dead, then you can loot the item. Actually, the game has another great content, but you have to spend money to explore them.

But overall the free version was very interesting and attractive. In my opinion, you should play full the free version, and then consider playing additional paid content.

Another impressive point is that the suits in the game are very beautiful and detailed. Thanks to the transition from HTML5 to a new C ++ tool (called “NXT”), the game has a completely customizable user interface and extremely good graphics quality. This is a game that has great content and not charge playing time.

Runescape 3 2

Link game:

2. DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online has dropped their players after its debut in 2011 as a paid game. At the time, however, the game had very interesting features for the player. In the game, players will create a character of their own choice or can choose the superheroes and villains in the DC Universe.After that, you will play your hero and fight continuously with the enemy. Besides, you will also have familiar missions and dungeons to explore as well as find rewards there.

DC Universe Online 1

The game has beautiful graphics and the design of the city is quite impressive. In addition, NPC systems, monsters as well as bosses are well crafted and look very real. Speed in the battle is also very fast, it brings exciting feeling to players in the fight scenes especially in the big battle.

Although the game still has some bugs but it does not affect the player experience much. Currently, the game has max level players and they are expecting an update with newer content for them.

Moreover, now is the perfect time to experience DC Universe Online, because the game has just launched a huge update to celebrate the 75th birthday Wonder Woman.

DC Universe Online 2

Link game:

3. Guild Wars 2

3rd place is Guild Wars 2. Page Metacritic and has rated this game respectively 90% and 90.02% – just behind World of Warcraft – Guild Wars 2 is one of the multiplayer games are rated the highest of all time.I’ve played through both Guild Wars 2 and WoW, it’s hard to say that which game is better, but Guild Wars 2 has better things than World of Warcraft, and most importantly, it does not cost anything.

The game’s impression is that the combat system is very comfortable and uncluttered. It is not constrained by certain standards and it is true that players will have a great experience when participating in battles in the game.

Guild Wars 2 1

Although the tasks in Guild Wars 2 are very difficult, it requires players to work together in harsh environments with constant battles.But through this, players will feel more interesting and not get bored when fighting together. You will see this through some of the PVE content in the game, as there need to be multiple combat positions such as a healer, a tanker…In addition, the game has a Shop system, which sells gems and if you like, you can use the money to buy them. Publishers will profit from this feature and create additional fresh content to continue serving gamers.

Guild Wars 2 2

Link game:

4. Rift

Trion Worlds’ Rift looks like a copy of World of Warcraft, but the reality is that when playing the game you will notice the difference. This is one of the long-standing MMO games (launched in 2011) but very stable, with very few bugs and still very attractive.Although the contents and storyline of the game soon become boring, the game is more and more interesting as you finish the content, then you will start exploring new things, fight with a variety of monsters in huge numbers.

Rift 1

The best feature of the Rift is a diverse character class system and has distinct characteristics. Players start the game by choosing one of the two opposing sides – Guardians or Defiant – which will have roles such as mage, rogue, cleric, or warrior for the player to choose.In addition, the player will have three souls at a time, these souls will act as supporting characters. This feature is very interesting because it helps the player a lot while on duty or exploring the dungeons.

In the expansion pack called Starfall Prophecy (released in the fall of 2016), Rift will be adding new content, including new areas, new dungeons and new gameplay features.This update is only for the player who will have to spend money to buy it. However, all the rest of the game is free and you can experience it right now.

Rift 2

Link game:

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Any game related to the Star Wars universe has a huge community of supporters. Fortunately, BioWare has released Star Wars: The Old Republic as a free game. The game is set in the Old Republic timeline, thousands of years before the movies.Game guides the player by talking to the NPC in the game is very impressive and attractive to the fans of Star Wars.The images are the same as in the movies, and users can easily customize the graphics settings to match their gaming devices.Gameplay is a real-time combat style, and players will find it very enjoyable to experience the game, especially in PVP.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 1

Although there are many functions, but when you play solo in SWTOR still very interesting. Players will choose from one of two opposing factions, the Republic or the Empire.Then players will continue to choose from one of four distinct character types of each faction. If you choose Republic, you will have smuggler, trooper, Jedi Knight, and Jedi, while the Empire offers characters including bounty hunter, Sith warrior, Imperial agent, and Sith Inquisitor.

The highlights of SWTOR are in co-op dungeons, which are very challenging in the entire universe of Star Wars.You will fight with other players in the big spaceship and try to complete the missions to receive high rewards.

Although SWTOR has been released for more than five years, BioWare continues to provide new updates to refresh the game content. Up until now, the game has always been a great game on the Star Wars theme.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 2

Link game:


The 6th game I’m going to introduce is called TERA. Like the Rift (game in fourth place), TERA has a simple context and gameplay.However, the game is still very well thanks to the most dynamic and engaging fighting system in MMORPG history.Like all games of the same genre, TERA offers a variety of character clans and character classes – from giant Amani to lovely Popori – all with familiar character classes for all races.Beautiful graphics, bright, colorful scenery and character models are plus points of the game.


In TERA, combat mechanisms are extremely dynamic and different from other games. TERA requires players to perform a series of actions as they dodge and hit opponents.Furthermore, hunting and destroying giant monsters along with your team, as well as passing dungeons together will bring you wonderful hours of fun.

However, missions and events of the game is not really attractive. Recognizing that, the publisher has added additional patches, such as large-scale PvP tournaments, where players can compete against each other in a giant arena.

The massive update in 2014 has raised the level limit from 60 to 65 and added some new maps, all for free. In addition, there are two new classes.Meanwhile, smaller updates continue to be released, including dungeons, battlegrounds and new skills for the 11 classes of the game. That said, TERA still has one of the most active gaming communities, mainly due to the strong support from game developers.


Link game:

7. The Lord of the Rings Online

Like SWTOR, the seventh title is a game inspired by the series of the same name, “The Lord of the Rings” movie. This devilish and magical world has become one of the most popular cultures thanks to Peter Jackson’s film.Luckily, Tolkien has put a lot of content into TheLord of the Rings Online from Jackson’ film. The Middle Earth world will once again be re-imagined in a very unique graphics game.

The Lord of the Rings Online 1

Places you’ve seen in movies, from snow-capped peaks to hills… are all included in the game. The game allows players to start their adventure like a hobbit, human, dwarf, or elf. Character classes are also varied, ranging from burglar and hunter to lore-keeper and guardian.

With four extended patches and other minor updates, the game has undergone significant changes since its release in 2007, but the core engine and gameplay remains the same.While gameplay and PVP features are limited, additional elements such as combat and monster play (which allows you to play as Sauron’s minions) will make you feel no bore. LOTRO is often referred to as World of Warcraft (because they are quite similar in many respects), but its appeal is undeniable, especially to the fans of Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings Online 2

Link game:

8. Neverwinter

Developer Cryptic Studios has directed Neverwinter to focus on combat systems, it is similar to Diablo and has a backdrop based on the legend of the Dungeons & Dragons world.

Neverwinter 1

The game was released in 2013 for PC and 2015 for Xbox One, featuring 10 PvE campaigns and a PvP feature for players to experience. Smooth and beautiful effects in the battle scenes that Nerverwinter bring really is a new point.The most impressive feature of this game is the effects when characters or bosses use skills, they are really beautiful. Besides the view angle in the scene as crossing the bridge, fighting with the team in the castle is also very nice.

When playing video games, visual effects, text and sound design are great. Although some features of the game are not good, such as the lack of communication channels for players to connect with each other and a shop selling items expensive (almost nobody buy them).However, these points do not affect the players experience much. Neverwinter is a fast paced game and offers a very special feel for the player when experiencing it.

Neverwinter 2

Link game:

9. Dungeons and Dragons

For most of us, Dungeons and Dragons is always a game in which players will feel the fear in them. Although the game has incomplete beginnings, the attraction of Stormreach in the game is always there.

Dungeons and Dragons 1

In the game, your character can combine actions to form a combo quite easily. Although the latest updates have not added features to the “teamwork”, the game still has a very attractive solo mode players. Especially hiring NPC features to assist you in each match.

Although the game was released in 2006, but with updates, there is always fresh content available to players.The minus point of the game is that there is no depth in the gameplay and the vibrant details like Tera. However, with the great graphics and the unrelenting battles in the dungeons, players will spend hours and hours trying to experience it.

Dungeons and Dragons 2

Link game:

10. Aion Online

The final game of this article is a legend in the gaming world. NCSoft knows how to make a great MMORPG, and that’s Aion.

Aion Online 1

A game is well known for its great graphics. Because at that time, Aion is almost one of the two games which has best graphics in the world. Aion is set in a time when a post-cataclysm world has been ripped apart by two wars.Players start by choosing Asmodian or Elyos – each with four distinct classes. And when you reach level 10, you will have one class transfer, this is also the time you truly participate in the Atreia world. The questing and six crafting systems are linear, players will have to spend a lot of effort on these features.

Highlights of the game are the PvE and PvP features. Once the player reaches level 25, they can go to Abyss, a PvPvE battlefield, where you will have to fight other players to gain control of the tower. Fast paced and responsive combat, stunning effects from the skill combo skills associated with flying in the sky really unique and enchanting players.

Although most areas outside of Abyss are no-fly zones, players can still glide by finding themselves a high position and jump down from there. Actually the flying feature in Aion is impressive and made me sign up to experience this title.

Aion Online 2

Link game:

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7 best MMORPGs havebeautiful “OpenWorld”will be launched on mobile by the end of 2017

MMORPGs always attract players because of the majesty that games bring with the community features is very attractive and make players extremely interested. However, we also need to mention the world context in the game. And with the growth of the internet industry in general including the gaming industry in particular, game development companies are becoming more sophisticated and bringing in truly unique ideas, in which Open World is a point special hit.

Today most of the MMORPG series is set in the open world is extremely attractive players. It makes you feel like you are really living in a new world, feeling everything is clearer and clearer. And in today’s article, I would like to introduce to you 7 MMORPGs with beautiful open world scenery will be launched on mobile by the end of 2017.

1. Azera: Iron Heart

Designed with cutting-edge graphics technology, Azera: Iron Heart is expected to be a stunning 3D MMO. The game has a strong, aggressive style and many exciting features promise to spend hours sitting in front of the computer to experience the gamer. The game will inherit the story and the best features in the PC version, but WebZen has confirmed that it will optimize from the interface, gameplay so that players can experience on the mobile easily.

Azera: Iron Heart is set in a fictional European setting, fierce fighting style with sharp graphics. You will see the phases that use the skills of flexible animation of the female characters or grandeur when the characters are transformed with large wings close to half the screen, besides that the effects are extremely beautiful will lead and make players slowly immersed in the world in Azera.

Azera: Iron Heart

Link download 1

Link download 2

2. Royal Blood

The second game that I want to introduce to you is Royal Blood, a super product from Korea with graphics Unity 5 advanced. So you will feel different when you experience at first sight in the game. In addition, you will also be less lag when going to the area where many players are online at the same time.

Besides that, you will discover a beautiful open world, exciting new camera view.In addition, the game also makes you feel excited with the wings and armor sparkling as angelic, diverse character formation, the beautiful effects around the character when fighting.

Expected, the game will be officially launched later this year.


TERA M is a mobile version developed on the PC MMORPG TERA Online. The game’ scene is set 1000 years before the story in TERA Online, so you will see a lot of difference in the gameplay and features that the game brings.


For those who don’t know, TERA is based on Unreal Engine 3, so in-game graphics arevery shimmering, crisp to great. You will see the Boss with blue dots looks extremely violent or afternoon-field bewitching viewers. In addition, maps without borders, no transitions, non-target combat (Non-Target) … are also the most advanced features in the moment the game is released.

Besides, you will have great experiencewhen playing this game by the care of every detail of the developer.You will be able to see different character movements while on the move, battles… You also can hear the breath of the character when it has to release too much skills, admiring to see the tremendous weapons… And a good news for us,Netmarble expected to release the game at the end of the year present.



The fourth game in the series today is KAISER, a mobile game created in two years by Pathfinder8, a Korean company. KAISER is a MMORPG with a world-wide background that opens up large-scale mystical myths and owns the top-quality 3D graphics on mobile phones today.Perhaps I’ll leave the graphics for when you evaluate your in-game experience.


In the game you will be selected one of four classes including Warrior, Archer, Mage and Assassin. Each class will have different power and skills, but there is always a balance between classes to ensure that no class is superior to the rest.

You will feel the Kaiser as an action game with a lively sound when fighting and light as you enter safe cities. Along with that, the gameplay is also very attractive, players sometimes train themselves or do tasks alone but there are times need to support each other to complete the major challenges in the game.

KAISER is entering the Closed Beta test phase. Expected, the game will soon be released first in Korea in a next few months.


5. Alliance X Empire

Developed by Nexon Red, the Alliance X Empire is the fifth MMORPG that I want to introduce to you. It can only be expressed in great words when talking about this game.

You will see large roads, turbulent terrain with seemingly benign red dragons that are always ready to attack you whenever you approach, and from the cliff comes out is a giant rock monster… And each time you fight, you will hear the weapons strike the monster’s large skin, will see the streaks to the ground left of the skills when released.All very sharp, very detailed, even the small grasses in the map swing in the wind like real

Alliance X Empire 1

In addition, the game play of the game is extremely grandiose. Alliance X Empire has six different character classes to choose from including Titan, Blader, Archer, Warrior, Guardian and Mage. You will have many items to equip as well as stats to increase the power of your character.

As an MMORPG focused on RvR fighting style, the PVP feature is a strong element of the Alliance X Empire’s appeal.When your character reaches a certain level, they can advance to their own battlefield, designed for both Alliance and Empire faction battles. And even without these battlefields, you can still PvP with others at the monster train yards if you need to.

The game is expected to be available in Korea for the Android platform starting September 14, while the launch date for iOS is not yet announced.

Alliance X Empire

6. Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is a new mobile game from Primus Inc and Gumi Inc. The game has officially been released for iOS and Android devices in the Japanese market.

The game has a unique 3D graphics with a cute Q-style style that creates a personal touch to attract players. You will have to admirably see the huge Boss, the beautiful skill effects that come with it are extremely awesome sound. You will hear the sound of the character when using skill, the screams of the boss when hit, the sound of ice when appear wrapped around the enemy, the sound of fireballs hit the ground, the sound of Lightning strikes the target…

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest 1

The interesting feature of the game is the Dungeon system, in addition each Boss has its own weakness that if you hit will quickly destroy them. In addition, the game features co-op gaming by supporting up to four people in a party to support each other over difficult challenges in the game. Also need to talk about the features that can allow players to rotate the screen horizontally or vertically games anytime they want, it is a bright spot of the game.

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest 2

7. Gate of Rebellion

Gate of Rebellion from Asobimo is the last MMORPG in this article I want to send to you. The game offers a varied gameplay with excellent graphics engineered by Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Gate of Rebellion 1

Gate of Rebellion will bring players into a fantasy world with countless mysteries. And like other games, Gate of Rebellion allows players to choose familiar character classes in the role-playing games such as mercenaries, warriors, killers … with different strengths and weaknesses.

As mentioned, by using Unreal Engine 4 technology, Gate of Rebellion will give gamers an open world experience with extremely sharp and beautiful graphics. You will discover a world that when is full of beautiful colors, when is full of dangerous darkness. And comes with a super sound system that can handle every single movement. Expected, the game will be released soon in late 2017.

Gate of Rebellion 2

Also, there are a lot of interesting MMORPGs coming out in late 2017 and early 2018.

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18 Upcoming MMOs of 2017 & 2018: The Ultimate List of New MMORPGs

To be honest, the gaming industry is growing fast and nobody knows where it ends. People just know that the gaming industry is in its golden age. With hundreds of gamers around the world, hundreds of MMORPGs are available every day, with MMOs taking on a huge market share.Therefore, there are many games that disappoint the gamers, they are not qualified and can not meet the needs of the present time of the users. However, we will talk about these bad games on another occasion.

2016 has gone through, a lot of super products have been launched and welcomed by thousands of gamers. However, there are also many disappointing titles.But that was last year. In today’s article, I will introduce you to the most anticipated MMORPGs in 2017-2018, and I hope you find the game you needin this article.

First of all, my assessment criteria in this article will be very clear. I do not like games where players spend hours sitting in front of the computer to create characters, fight monsters and have no purpose, players play only games, wasting time in vain. What we need more than that, must be something more attractive, more emotional.

And I’ve also eliminated webgame or low quality games simply because they are not good enough and we do not have to waste time on those titles. And if that does not change, these will be games worth looking forward to launching in 2017-2018.

1 – Dark and Light

First I will introduce to you a game of the genre fantasy survival, a game called Dark and Light was developed by NP Cude and released by Snail Games.

Dark and Light 1

Actually this is a very new game and I have very little information about it. But through inquiry, I also know the important information of it. Your main task in Dark and Light is to harness and control the magical energy coming from the planet Gaia. The game has over 100 types of skills from survival skills, combat skills to crafting skills…and you need to train your character level up to learn these skills. In addition, you will also face huge dragons, griffins, unicorn, goblins and other mythical creatures. Besides, you will also have the task of building your own place. Because this is a sand box game, so you can build anything you like, as long as you have enough material. You can build yourself a small house or a huge castle, it all depends on your self.

Dark and Light 2

Currently there are many questions from the gamers all over the world about this game, but all have no answer. And maybe, we have to wait until the game is released, everything will become clearer.But there is a good news that the game will be released early in 2017 and we can play Dark and Light through the Xbox One.

2 – Albion Online

Albion Online is a building game combining strategy genre developed by Sandbox Interactive. The game is set in ancient times with a mysterious world of mystery. In the game you will have the task of building your land and try to turn it into a powerful empire. It can be said that this is a game with great gameplay and unique. You will be able to create your own weapons for your troop, build buildings by yourself, find materials and hunt animals in the forest for meat.

Albion Online 1

The game also allows players to freely switch character classes, you can from a magician to switch to a swordsman or archer that strength is not reduced. There are also PVE, PVP, Guild Wars battles extremely grandiose. Sandbox Interactive ensures that the experience of players on this game on the PC and Tablets will not be changed.

As you enter the game, the first thing is that you need to collect materials to upgrade your buildings and level up. The more you play, the more experiences you will get, and you will have more troops, more equipment and more powerful weapons. This is really a characteristic of the MMORPG series.

The world in Albion Online is a vast world with many different lands. Comes with its own ecosystem of each area and players need to take advantage of this to develop their land.

Albion Online 2

Looks like we are talking about a game is similar to Age of Empires. But when you’re in the game, the gorgeous graphics with the impressive European style and the open world of the game will show you the difference and level of Albion Online.

3 – Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Release Date: TBA 2017

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a mysterious MMORPG that is a huge mysterious fantasy world, a world of gods and heroes. Unlike other MMORPGs, however, the game focuses on group-oriented content and social interaction.Players will play as a legendary hero, and you have the task of discovering the lost relics long ago. The combat system will focus on the preparation and awareness, allowing players to overcome challenges and situations that require the knowledge and skills to get ahead of their opponents.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

In the game, there will be tasks that you can accomplish by yourself. However, there will be many tasks that you need to party with other players.

Link homepage

4 – H1Z1

H1Z1 is a zombie-slaying MMO in a huge open world. Actually this is a disappointing game for myself when I try it in its early access stage. But now things are different, Daybreak has done a great job. They absorb and record feedback of the gamers. They have added new structures, buildings, weapons, gameplay and other mechanisms, and they still continue refining the mechanisms of the game.


The game is currently available on Steam Early Access and if you can find out more about it there. The game will also release a PS4 version of the game and that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to.

You can buy an H1Z1 game code here

H1Z1 2

5 – Valnir Rok

Our fifth game in this article is a very interesting game. There are many types of MMORPGs from Elves, Dwarves, Worgs, Vampires, Trolls … but have you heard of the Viking game genre yet?

Valnir Rok 1

Entering Valnir Rok, you will act as a leader. You will have to build up your land increasingly powerful against large, aggressive monsters willing to attack your land at any time from day to night.You will have to train, doing the tasks that the game offers, face the harshness of this evil land and other scary things. However, if you fail, everything will collapse. Because only you can protect your land.

Valnir Rok 2

Link homepage

6 – Crowfall

Release DateTBA, Open Beta Starts in 2017

If you are looking for a game that has an ancient European background like Game of Thrones, Crowfall is the game for you. A game in which players fight to gain control of the kingdom.

Crowfall 1

There will be five different landscapes that represent the five races in the game. And each race will have its own characteristics, its own troops, its own skills and its own buildings. What you need to do is choose the right race for yourself and build a powerful empire because of the great wars waiting for you to join in the front.

Crowfall 2

Link homepage

7 – Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is one of the upcoming MMOs we are expecting. Through the trailer of the game, I saw a world full of difficulties and challenges in it (myself a fan of hardcore games). It’s a mysterious open world and you can do anything you want.Build weapons, collect resources to craft new equipment, dig up dark tunnels, create villages with adjacent houses, or even build a huge castle aresmall things you can do in the game.

Life is Feudal

In fact, the game resembles an MMORPG sandbox and it allows players to do whatever they want. However, there will also have elements such as monsters, loot items, PVP, robbing resources or destroying other buildings.Your main task in the game is to defend your land against the attacks of others. The game is expected to launch in December 2017.

Life is Feudal 2

Link homepage

8 – Trials of Ascension: Exile

Release Date: TBA

Trials of Ascension: Exile is an MMOPRG mixed-build game developed by Forged Chaos. However, the world of the game is a vast open world and allows players to do whatever they like (sand box).

Trials of Ascension: Exile 1

You can create anything because objects are made up of natural resources found all over the map. Pay attention to the forest, which is where the most resources are. You will be able to get wood from trees, animal shells, fiber from plants …they allow you to create tools, weapons, armor, clothing, equipment, food, buildings and defensive towers. Or you can transform into an animal, like a giant dragon or spider. I have not tried this feature, just see it through the introductory clip on the HomePage of the game only. But I will experience it as soon as the game comes out for sure.

In addition, the difference of the game comes from the fact that you have to sketch out the architectural drawings yourself, then build them. It’s not like the other build games, it’s more difficult and challenging for the players.Even when your farmers go to get the wood, you will see that they are exploring the forest from day to night, when night falls everywhere, they will still burn the lights and cut the trees to get the wood for you.

Trials of Ascension: Exile 2

Link homepage

9 – SkySaga: Infinite Isles

Release Date:TBA, Currently in Alpha Test.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles is an open-source MMOPRG game with a graphical style derived from the extremely interesting Minecraft, the game has very bright colors.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles 1

Each player in the game has an island of his own. And on each of these islands there are portals for players to join the adventure with other players.This will be where you find equipment, weapons, can train level up yourself to PVP or party with other people to join the new journey.There is no official release date for the game, but it is currently available for the Alpha Test. Hope we can soon experience this interesting game.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles 2

Link homepage

10 – Boundless (PS4)

Release Date: TBA

The 10th game I want to introduce is Boundless (formerly known as Oort Online). Like SkySaga, Boundless has a Minicraft-like graphics. However, in my opinion, the graphics of the game look soft, smoother and a bit more flexible.

Boundless 1

Entering Boundless, you will be overwhelmed by the world that the game brings so beautiful, too magical. You will be impressed by the huge mirrors where you can go in/go out there, and the special thing will happen. Each mirror is a new world waiting for you to discover.You will see a pristine prehistoric landin the first mirror. You will see an advancing tribe building huge towers floating in the sky in the second mirror.You will see a fight going on in the third mirror. You will see the stormy weather in this mirror and the bright sunshine in different mirrors…

When playing the game, the player is on a very adventurous adventure, it makes the player curious, want to explore all the nooks in the game. And thanks to the great graphics technology that everything is built in very detailed, very lively, beautiful …

Boundless 2

Link download

11 – Chronicles of Elyria

Release Date:TBA

The next game is Chronicles of Elyria, a sponsored Kickstarter game. The game has a lot of unique ideas, especially the idea that your character will have to age over time and can die forever.Elements of weather, food, daily activities … are things you should care about in the game. Besides, every time you login to the game will be a very dynamic world waiting for you to explore.

Chronicles of Elyria 1

Games also have quests, but they will not be repeated. The economy in the game is also an important factor for you to develop your character.And with the potentially destructive environment, the character may get older, and you will experience personalities through your characters. This is truly a unique game and it is looking forward to its release.

Chronicles of Elyria 2

12 – Revelation Online

Release Date:Released

Revelation Online is the 12th MMO in this article that I would like to introduce to you. The game was developed by NetEase, a very powerful Chinese company.As soon as I looked through the trailer of the game, it made a special impression on me. A vibrant world covered by ancient mystery and you can fly anywhere in the world to explore the new land is the first thing you will feel when you experience the game.A huge PVP arena with Last Man Standing mode where you have to fight with hundreds of other opponents.

Revelation Online

Currently, the game has allowed the player to play, but login has a problem and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

13 – Identity

This is a very ambitious title. Identity was designed by Asylum Entertainment and the developer wants to direct it to a real life simulation game in the most detailed and vivid way.And if the game really does, it’s a new step in the gaming industry. In Identity, you interact with the world with “absolute freedom” all your actions and other players are entirely up to you, you decide everything by yourself.You can live like a criminal, a cop, a trader, or anyone else …

Identity 1

Real estate is more fun in the game. You can buy houses that are being sold, decorated and repaired it…Then you can use the house for rent or resale to earnmoney. The game takes place in a distant land in the eastern United States with a vast expanse of land.

When you experience the game, all the food items or furniture items displayed in the shops and supermarkets you find are created by other players in the world.It may not be as detailed yet, but Identity is trying to perfect everything. The game is expected to launch in 2017.

Identity 2

14 – Ashes of Creation

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation is becoming a big hit in the gaming industry, and people are looking forward to the day-to-day gaming experience. Right from watching the video of the game, it has attracted players with gorgeous graphics, detailed characters depictions and unique gameplay.The impressive feature of this game is a world with the battle of the players with different tactics. The game allows you to build a strong defensive base or you can create a strategy to destroy your opponents.

Ashes of Creation 1

You will have your own bases where you can build buildings, from farm to villa …You should also pay attention to the castles and siege the castles. Besides, you can also create a guild filled with allies to destroy other castles and create your own empire.

Everything in Ashes of Creation is great. You can build a base, build your own force in a land without the law. This is really a game worth looking forward to.

The game has reached $ 750K in just over 12 hours at Kickstarter on May 1. Everyone is talking about it (including me). Currently, Ashes of Creation is the MMO I most expect and can not wait to be logged into this game.

Ashes of Creation 2

Link homepage

15 – Magic: The Gathering

Release Date:TBA

The 15th title in this article is Magic: The Gathering. Although we do not have much information about it, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment announced the release of this game this morning.Informed that the game was developed for PC and Consoles andwill release for free. And although the release date has not been determined, the game is gradually getting more questions from gamers.

Magic: The Gathering

16 – Camelot Unchained

Release Date: TBA 2017
Developer: Snail Games
The 16th game is Camelot Unchained developed by Snail Games. If you are looking for a MMO game with many character classes, many ways to build character, many quests and have a huge open world, this is the game you are looking for.

Camelot Unchained 1

In addition to the graphics excellence (using Unreal Engine 4), the game also has other attractive features for players such as economic system, crafting system, upgrade system.But that’s not all, players will really enjoy engaging in large-scale battles in the game with other players. That is the highlight of Camelot Unchained.

This game raised over $ 2.2 million from over 14,000 backers at Kickstarter. And that is such a great support for the game can complete and launching.Hopefully we will soon be able to see the closed beta version of the game in the near future.

Camelot Unchained 2

Link homepage

17 – Wild West Online

Release Date: TBA 2017

Has a lot of MMOs have content about the cowboy was released, but no game that really brings the difference as the Wild West Online. Developer 612 Games has created the trailer for us to understand more about the interesting things amazing that the game will bring.

Wild West Online 1

First it was really great from the graphics of the game, it is clear and true that you can clearly see the shadows of leaves on top of you (true and accurate in the direction of the sun and the shape of the trees) and dirt particles shot back when you ride on the horse.Then when you go to the town and look at the bulletin boards on which there are criminal wanted papers, you can get them and go on missions to earn bonuses. Or simply, when you see a bar, you can go there drinking or even playing poker.

However, it all did not stop there. Because the game also allows you to freely choose the life of the character. You can be a lawyer, can be a policeman, may be a crime or could be a homeless person and you can do whatever you like.

Wild West Online 2

It seems that everything has been told all right? Oh no, there is one more thing. It’s a game that allows you to build your own home, a land of your own. Feel free to build and decorate it the way you want. And look at it as your real home.

The game has a lot of interesting elements and it really makes it impossible for people to wait any longer, even though it’s a paid game. Hopefully it will be released soon in the next few months.

18 – New World

The final game title, “New World” from Amazon Studios, will end today’s post. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your interest and reading this article, because I think today I wrote too long in this article lol.

New World as its name, is a different world, it is subtle and fanciful. In this world, magic will really exist and of course there will be huge monsters, powerful and extremely aggressive.

New World 1

In the game, you can customize your character in many different directions. You can be a farmer, a warrior, an explorer, or anything else you want to be in this world.And of course, with MMO games, there is no shortage of battles. Via clips introduce the game, we can see that the player can control your character moves in the battle and can set traps, the machines, the launch pad… in any position on the battlefield to serve his fighting tactics. Very interesting right?

New World 2

The game really captivates the viewer from its first trailer. You can see the staff work hard and dedicated, they work very And you be assured because behind the “New World” is a large budget to support game development until we launch.

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What is your favorite game in 2017?

It’s been nine months since 2017 and there are many titles from PC games, console games, mobile games … with a lot of games like Puzzle, Strategy, Turn-based … My favorite MMO is apparently slowly evolving. Less and less MMORPGs are coming out than before, though there are still some good games out there, but few are. And what I’m looking forward to is the last few months of the year, hoping for some new stuff to come out. Back to the topic today, while waiting for new titles, let’s take a look at the most outstanding games in 2017 up to the present time.


First of all I should mention the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, this is the highlight of the MMO series this year. I had a crush on this game because of its gorgeous graphics and extreme animation and realism. I spent hours in the world of the Elder Scrolls Online and was enthralled by the jungle paths with trees. It’s huge, because it has to push the horse through dangerous volcanic volcanoes or the intense fighting with aggressive Bosses … besides, games like Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends , The Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes, and even the World of Warcraft monument have also been very good in attracting players

Ireally have to confess to you that I am a follower of online games. I spent quite a bit of time just playing games because almost after class, most of me just played games and played games. Albion, the alphas test of the Legends of Aria, and Neverwinter, I have tried them all and have recognized the interesting points of each game. I’ve also experienced MXM, Black Desert, Diablo 3, Dark and Light, and Citadel, and they seem to like it, as they have a very classic and original storyline. Also, when participating in FFXIV’s world, I noticed that the world around me was so beautiful, and I found the living value of a very spiritual person, my feelings seemed to have been shifted to a certain direction I never knew before. Recently, I also played Dauntless, also has a character quite strong here. Of course, it comes with a great amount of time and effort I put into this game, but the story is deep in the titles let me tell you at another time offline!

During these summer holidays, Elder Scrolls Online and Path of Flame are two classic European-themed games that I spend 100% of my time on. I have traveled with my online friends here, having relaxed moments, saying things that I think or stressful and combining with monsters, Boss in the game extremely ferocious …

But is there any game worth noting for us in the coming months? It depends on what kind of game you like, because the game is always consistent. If you are a follower of the shooter series, this October 24th will be an event that you cannot ignore. Destiny 2 will be released on PC. For me, I do not like to play shooters on the console, I want to hit the keyboard and mouse, so downloading Destiny 2 on the PC is a great thing. Hopefully the House of Wolves will do as well as they did for Destiny 1 and even better.

If you do not forget, we also have Mu Legend as a MMOPRG mobile superhero as a gem, and we’re about to experience Lineage Eternal or Lost Ark in the next year or so, all of them. These are promising titles that will be the blockbuster when they are showed.

Indeed 2017 is an unforgettable year of MMO. More and more games are more MMO-like, but in reality there are fewer games actually called pure MMORPGs. In fact, that is what we have to face in the days of internet development and the gaming industry is shifting away with innovations and innovations that are constantly updated. However, I still hope that pure MMPRPG games will reappear in the future, while I will continue to immerse myself in the world of ESO and GW2. And you, you have to type MMORPG enthusiasts like me or a certain type of game it? Let’s see if there are any really impressive games released in the past year, and are you looking forward to a title game?

Personally, I think that MMORPGs bring more emotions to me than any other game. Not only because my first exposure to the game was an MMORPG, but also because of the great things it brought me to the experience. I used to stay up all night chatting with my strangely familiar online friends in Japan by way of dozens of hours flying because it is sad about family matters, or have to wake up at 3 am to guard the rare Boss and then burst into happiness when the Boss fell off the super rare items. Or simply go to school and then eat rice back into the computer to join the party trainers … community in the MMORPG line can say its strengths. And if you try, I think you will be like me, will also drown in a second world in this series, will be free to express their thoughts, thoughts and express themselves in a way. It’s true that you can hardly do those things in the real world.

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15 best MMORPGs on Android

MMORPGs are one of the pioneering game genres developed and there are many gamers in the world who love this genre. Speaking of MMORPGs, it’s about role-playing games with its own unique features as classy multiplayer heroes, immensely vast worlds with monster trainers to level up. Each party to defeat the big Boss to hunt raw materials, weapons … besides people are attracted by the community in this type of game is very good, it makes the player feel like living It’s in the gaming world that we’re teaming up with fellow teammates to practice, chit chat, tease and fall in love, be in love and even get married, give birth in the game together.

And in the same mobile segment, game publishers are very sophisticated in transforming MMORPGs into mobile phones, but they still have unique features and features. However, with the massive game industry and the extremely fast development, gamers really do not know which game to play that is “good” and “suitable” for them by the daily, weekly. There are dozens of even large and small MMOPRGs. For that reason, today I will introduce to you 15 titles of MMORPGs on Android which according to myself is very good and worth downloading for you to experience

1. AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is a game released by Artix Entertainment LLC. The world in AdventureQuest 3D is a thrilling and dramatic mythical world where the game will allow you to choose one of three classes with different skills and characteristics of each class when you first enter the game, Especially with the cute Q style graphics along with the colorful effects in the game, you will be fascinated right from the first moment when the game experience.

AdventureQuest 3D

In AdventureQuest 3D, you will see level monsters from giant but incredibly cute chickens to centaurs who are small but very tankly and also extremely violent and fearful centaurs … you Mushrooms will spread the feeling of adventure from the turf in the green grass to the dark dungeon horror to train themselves more and more powerful.

AdventureQuest 3D 2

Link download

2. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is the second game I want to introduce to you. Arcane Legends is a game released by Spacetime Games for a long time, but the popularity and HOT of the game is not declining. On the contrary, the game is more and more attractive by the gameplay as well as graphics cute, friendly with people.

The game features a stylish European-style 3D graphics that impresses players from first sight. However, when you experience the game, you will encounter the most outstanding points of the game through the battle with the giant Boss, equipment system and equipment upgrades varied. In particular, your “pet” can fight.

Arcane Legends 1

Also, it should be noted that the highlight of the game is the PvP form where you can try your hand at other players to measure their “pro”, and also various types of PvP different. To serve the player, this feature will help you do not feel bored when entering Arcane Legends.

Arcane Legends 2

Link download

3. Aurcus Online

The third game I want to introduce to you is Aurcus Online developed by Asobimo, Inc. A game set is a dark fantasy world full of aggressive monsters are destroying the world. The game gives you a lot of customization at the character selection stage, from which you can create a character with a unique appearance that does not look like any other character. You need to team up with each other, together. Make a quest, hit the boss … and train yourself more powerful to be able to kill the monsters out there or sometimes PvP with other players anymore.

The interesting part of the game is the unique skills and combos, which require the player to be a little tricky to perform these beautiful attacks. In addition to the need to mention the sharp 3D graphics of the game, it feels much more real and beautiful from maps to the Boss, the monsters on the train to the character style.

Aurcus Online

Link download

4. Avabel Online

Avabel Online is a game that has been around for a long time like Arcane Legends, but developers like Asobimo, Inc. have been closely following the game for years. Evidence that there are many updates, innovations of the game to stick to and serve the needs of players more. While Avabel Online is similar in style to other MMOPRG titles, but when you enter the game, there are a lot of things to do in the game and you will be attracted at times when you do not know.

Your impression of this game is that it is a massive battle with up to 1000 fighters where you can lash and slay it. Although the game is sometimes lag or buggy from the server but most of it still works well.

Avabel Online

Link download

5. Celtic Heroes

The fifth game in this article is Celtic Heroes, a game developed by One Thumb Mobile Ltd. Although Celtic Heroes is not very popular, but its play is quite interesting to players. The game has a graphic style that adheres to Celtic – a typical European style.

The game also has many familiar features such as monster train, dungeon, party boss, pvp with other players … but the interesting part of the game is that you can exchange equipment with other players, a feature rarely seen in MMORPGs at the present time. Also, when you enter the game you will encounter characters with the armor shining brilliantly enhance the majesty of the character. In addition, the game offers up to 5 character classes for players to choose and experience.

Celtic Heroes

Link download

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

An extremely successful title in the Dungeon Hunter series. Inheriting the quintessence of the previous series, Dungeon Hunter 5 was Gameloft’s spell to become a game that was worth its price. In any game, most gamers will focus on two main issues is the game picture is beautiful? Is the gameplay attractive? And Dungeon Hunter 5 fulfills all of these factors, even surpassing them.

Dungeon Hunter 5 1

Firstly, the game has a sophisticated 3D graphics background, ranging from the helmet to the armor and sharp lines on the character’s weapon bar. Simply by looking at it you know the character or the Boss is applauding or laughing at you, the graphics are enough to know how good it is.

Secondly, the gameplay of Dungeon Hunter 5 is impressive. The game is set in ancient Asia, where you will discover mysterious stories, confront ancient challenges and be fascinated by the forgotten ancient treasures. In addition to that, with beautiful skills, dynamic animation flexibility, dungeon system, party boss, guild war, coop mode, PvP … all are reasonably designed and surprisingly attractive can be expressed in words.

Third, the game has a perfect sound design. Imagine you are playing a game that even bee wings beat you can hear when approaching the fineness of the game must be like?

Dungeon Hunter 5 2

Link download

7. Toram Online

There is also a free to play free online game from Asobimo, Inc. In the game there will be no clear character divisions, all you have is a skill tree and depending on the player, there will be a different way of gaining a different character. . This is a unique feature of the game.

There are also coop modes for party players to overcome campaing in the game. Images in the game will make you feel like a magical fantasy world. Besides, you can also create your own types of weapons that are accompanied by abilities and abilities that only you possess can use.

Toram Online

Link download

8. Warspear Online

Warspear Online is a game released over the years by Aigrind. It’s also because of its longevity that when you enter the game, besides having a lot of good features, you are also immersed in a huge community of players.

The highlight of the game is that it uses only 2D graphics, but the gameplay is extremely attractive. The game has nearly 2000 big and small missions, more than 150 achievements set out to challenge your limits, especially PvP systems with 5vs5 mode extremely interesting and different terrain and environment. Besides, it also has to mention the rich character system of the game with 12 classes for you to choose.

Add a feature that you are quite fond of that you can buy items suitable for you in the shop system. And if you are not a financially proficient player, mind you that you can still create your own gear, but it takes time and raw materials to make.

Warspear Online

Link download

9. Goddess: Primal Chaos

Ninth place in this article is Goddess: Primal Chaos. A new 3D game released in 2016 by koramgame. With the advent of the game, the game has many refinements and uses the most advanced technology. So when entering the game, the monster coming from the graphics and effects in the game will shake your heart. From the brightness of the body armor to the bounce of the character’s hair or the fierce eyes of the enemy are shown extremely excellent.

Goddess Primal Chaos 1

Game has 3 character classes for you to choose from, including knight, assassin and wizard. You can try out other players via PvP 1vs1 or up to 3vs3 to meet your solo or teammates needs. In addition to the beautiful costumes, angel wings or devil wings full of confusion and the riders extremely majestic and beautiful. In addition, you will have to gasp and evade the Goddesses in battle to serve you.

Goddess Primal Chaos 2

Link download

10. HIT

HIT is one of Nexon’s successful MMORPGs from Korea. HIT’s play style is similar to other games of the same genre, you control a character and participate in a mysterious world along with other players online. The highlight of the game is the huge items system, the quest, the quest is always updated new to the player is not boring, besides the game support many devices to players more accessible game.

The game also impressed me at the stage voice character when exporting techniques. You will experience this most clearly through PvP 1vs1 matches or in the arena of up to 6 players. In addition, you will also have to admire the beauty of the graphics of the game through the use of Unreal Engine 4 technology.


Link download

11. The Infinite Black

An interesting game in this list is developed by Spellbook that you want to mention to you. Unlike ordinary MMORPGs, the character you control is a space ship.

The game is set in a fierce space battle, your task is to destroy the aliens, collect materials, get the resources as well as treasure to upgrade their displacement increasingly advanced and stronger.

The game is supported on many platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, iOS.

The Infinite Black

Link download

12. Izanagi Online

Asobimo, Inc. is indeed a big man in MMOPRG development. And Izanagi Online is one of them. The game will bring a new dimension to you because of the interesting game context, which is the heyday of Ninja. In the game you will see images associated with Ninja such as the jungle full of old trees, the village of Ninja mysterious or the town at night and the remnants of the Ninja.

You will have four Ninja clashes to choose from with various weapons such as Swords, Spears, Hammers or even Guns. The game has quite a lot of copies as well as the quest for you to conquer. Although the community in the game is not unique in the game but compensate for the novelty in the game will conquer the fans of Ninja game genre.

Izanagi Online

Link download

13. School of Chaos Online

Game 13 is a game developed on a pixel map similar to minecraft, you will see the characters are shaped like the close Lego. However, the context of the game is not so bright.

Enter the game you can customize your character such as wearing a balo, school uniform, headphone … and join the fight on the school grounds, no, in my opinion it looks like a big yard in 1 more prison.

You will also have some quests to perform, Clans can join and participate in large-scale Clan Wars … However, with the gameplay, I think it’s a little different from MMORPGs.

Order and Chaos Online 2

Link download

14. Rucoy Online

The 14th game you would like to introduce to you is a classic 2D-developed game developed by RicardoGzz. You probably know, compared to the game with modern 3D graphics, the game has a 2D graphics style until now still hold important and attractive position with a large amount of gamers in the world.

The feeling of playing classic 2D games will be very different, it will be very strange, according to myself, players will put more of their mind, feelings and imagination into more. And Rucoy Online is one of the games that make that feeling the most obvious to you.

There are three character classes and you will be able to control them all by converting them. You will immerse yourself in a colorful open world. The game also features the MMORPG line such as mission, PvP, hit Boss … however, generally the game is light and bright gameplay.

Rucoy Online

Link download

15. Order and Chaos Online 2

First of all, I sincerely thank you for trying to read to this last game because the article has come a long way. So, do not let your long legs, the last game I want to send to you is a game can not not experience right after you read the review line.

How will your senses feel when riding on a black dragon and his comradeship with legendary mountaineers such as fire horses, devils, giant dragons … flying in the sky and the same Each other kill the monsters come from a mysterious evil power somehow? Order and Chaos Online 2 will let you experience that feeling.

Order and Chaos Online 2 1

A magical world from the coldest of polar regions with majestic mountains surrounded by year-round snow to the palaces of warm sunshine, The wise and agile archery geniuses, all created a beautiful picture is waiting for you to discover.

Order and Chaos Online 2 2

Link download


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